Extra information for wedding party & family

Extra Information for the Wedding Party and Bride & Groom's families

The wedding party

  • Pamela Laurence and Julian Hyde (Bride and Groom)
  • The Reverend Cymber Quinn (Officiant) and the Esteemed Bob Conn

Bride's side:

  • Bert (Father of the Bride) and Barbara Laurence
  • Joy Baldwin (Mother of the Bride)
  • Todd (1st Lieutenant Bridesman, and Brother of the Bride), Monica, Vivian, Christian & Keenan Laurence
  • Fran Laurence (Grandmother of the Bride)
  • Caroline (Maid of Honor) and Darius Somary

Groom's side:

  • Adrian Hyde (Father of the Groom) and Judy Boyle
  • Judy Hyde (Mother of the Groom)
  • Justin (Brother of the Groom, and Chief Usher) and Caroline Hyde
  • Bethan Armstrong (Sister of the Groom)
  • Dave Norman (Best Man) and Federica Rovatti

Schedule for the week of June 26th

  • Friday,  30th June - Bachelor party.

Schedule for the week of July 1st

  • Tuesday, 4th of July, 2:00 p.m. - informal Independence Day BBQ at Todd and Monica Laurence's house in Palo Alto: 836 E. Greenwich, 94303 [Map]. An opportunity for the extended wedding party (wedding party + significant others) to get re-acquainted.

  • Wednesday, 5th of July, morning - Bert and Barbara Laurence take some out of town guests on an overnight drive to Yosemite. Stay in Yosemite park at local hotel. Return Thursday mid-afternoon.

  • Thursday, 6th of July, 7:30 p.m. - Rehearsal Dinner at Ton Kiang Restaurant in San Francisco (5821 Geary Boulevard, between 22nd and 23rd Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94121 ).

    • Website; Map

    • Attendees: Pamela & Julian, Bert & Barbara, Joy, Todd & Monica, Caroline & Darius, Adrian & Judy, Judy, Justin & Caroline, Bethan, Cymber & Bob, Dave & Federica.

  • Friday, 7th of July:

    • 12 NOON - all depart for Olema. Check in to hotels, freshen up.

    • 3:00 p.m. - Rehearsal Walk-through at Olema Inn.  Rehearse Ceremony with musical cues.

    • 7:00 p.m.-ish - wander over to the Old Western Saloon in Point Reyes Station if the mood strikes.

  • Saturday, 8th of July, 3:30 p.m. - arrive at Olema Inn for a 4:00 p.m. ceremony start

  • Sunday, 9th of July, any time after 8:30 a.m. - relax at Olema Inn for brunch and reminiscing. (And football.)

Travel and Lodging

  • Adrian Hyde and Judy Boyle. Flight arrives Wed 28th June 6.59pm. Lift from SFO with Julian. Staying at Julian and Pamela's thru Saturday, then at Ingrid's, overnight in Yosemite Wed, at Olema Inn Fri and Sat; flight CO1049 departs SFO 8.25am, Tue 11th.

  • Judy Hyde. Flight arrives 6.59pm Sunday 2nd July. Lift from SFO TBD, staying at Julian and Pamela's thru Monday, in Palo Alto Tuesday, Yosemite Wednesday. Stanyan Park hotel (with Bethan) Thursday, Olema Inn Fri and Sat. Departs SFO 11.10am, Tue 11th.

  • Bethan Armstrong. Flight BA287 arrives 4.35pm Thursday 6th, lift from SFO with Justin and/or Caroline, staying at Stanyan Park hotel (with Judy) Thursday, Olema Inn Fri and Sat; stay with Justin and Caroline Sun; flight BA286 departs SFO 6.55pm Mon 10th.

  • Joy Baldwin. Inter-state Woman of Mystery.

  • Dave Norman and Federica Rovatti. Flight arrives Thursday afternoon, renting a car at SFO, driving to Rehearsal Dinner, staying near SFO Thursday evening, staying at (same place as Paul and Gerri) Fri and Sat.

  • The Reverend Cymber Quinn and The Esteemed Bob Conn. Flight arrives Thursday evening, going immediately to Rehearsal Dinner. Have appointments in Berkeley Friday morning before Rehearsal Friday afternoon.

In-town important numbers

  • Pamela Laurence and Julian Hyde. Home (510) 655-8514; Pamela mobile (415) 987-7016, Julian mobile (415) 336-3873.

  • Bert and Barbara Laurence. Home (650) 321-2444.

  • Todd and Monica Laurence. Tobb mobile (650) 380-0072; Monica mobile (650) 380-3151.

  • Justin and Caroline Hyde. Home (415) 566-5440; Justin mobile (415) 272-1076; Caroline mobile (415) 272-1057.

  • Stanyan Park Hotel. (415) 751-1000

  • The Olema Inn. (415) 663-9559.


  • Tuesday mid-day: Justin and Caroline take Adrian and Judy down to Palo Alto for BBQ. Judy Hyde rides with Julian and Pamela.

  • Wednesday morning: Justin take Adrian and Judy from San Francisco to Oracle, arrive by 9am. Hand off Adrian and Judy to Bert and Barbara for Yosemite trip, somewhere at Oracle (agree location at Tues BBQ).

  • Thursday: Justin and/or Caroline pick up Bethan from SFO, deliver to Stanyan Park Hotel. At 7pm, pick up Bethan and Judy from hotel and take to Rehearsal Dinner.

  • Friday morning: Todd or Bert pick up 2 suits from Selix, Palo Alto

  • Friday morning: TBD pick up 4 suits, 6 cravattes and 2 bow ties from Selix, Oakland

  • Friday: transport for out of town guests headed to Olema still being finalized.

  • Wedding day: Dave is head usher, Justin and Todd his lieutenant ushers

  • Wedding day: Justin bring digestifs.

  • Monday 10 July, 4pm: TBD take Bethan to SFO

  • Tuesday 11 July, 8am: TBD take Judy to SFO


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