Pamela & Julian's wedding

Saturday, July 8th, 2006 — an afternoon ceremony and evening reception on the Pt. Reyes peninsula

We got married!!!
We had a fabulous time -- the best day of our lives. Hope you did too!


Here's our official wedding album.

(Our wedding photographer, Suzi Q. Varin, did an awesome job. Please support her by ordering pictures from her.)

Quite a few of our guests are talented photographers! See their photographs at the 'Pamela and Julian' group at (slideshow). Please join the group and post your photographs to this group!

(If you post cropped/retouched photos, please post the full-size, un-photoshop-ped originals as well. Once all the photos are in, we'll burn a CD of everyone's photos from this site -- let Julian know if you'd like a copy.)

And here are pictures of our honeymoon in Iceland.


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