Pamela & Julian's wedding

Saturday, July 8th, 2006 — an afternoon ceremony and evening reception on the Pt. Reyes peninsula

The Big Day is almost here!
  We're looking forward to having you join us.  We've put together this website to give some details, and help you plan.  Surf around, and please don't hesitate to get in touch if we can answer questions or offer opinions that will make your planning easier.



The Details


The weekend of 7th-9th July, 2006.  A loose schedule of events:

Friday afternoon/evening, 7th July: Sometime after our formal obligations are done, we'd like to hold a Welcome gathering at the Old Western Saloon in Point Reyes Station (415-663-1661, west side of Main Street, which is also Highway One).  It's a five minute drive from Olema.  It'll be a great time to catch up with old friends, and make some new ones.

Saturday, 8th July: Guests can organize their own morning and mid-day activities. The surrounding area is beautiful - we definitely recommend a hike, a walk on the beach or any of the activities below.  Ceremony begins at 4 o'clock in the afternoon, followed by a cocktail hour, which will flow into an evening Reception, which will flow into much merry-making, all on-site at The Olema Inn (see below).

Note on formality — our setting can be described as "simple and beautiful" - elegant, but not stiff. Please join us in attire that celebrates the occasion and allows you to enjoy the moment. (Some have asked whether the men will be wearing suits. You'll be a little overdressed if you show up in a tuxedo or a morning suit (unless you're in the wedding party!) and a little underdressed in a polo shirt. Anything in between would be just fine.)

Sunday, 9th July: 10am A relaxed Brunch at the Olema Inn for those staying in Olema (followed by a little World Cup soccer), followed by long, leisurely good-byes.

(See more detailed schedule.)


The Olema Inn
10,000 Sir Francis Drake Blvd.
P.O. Box 37
Olema, CA 94950

tel: (415) 663-9559

Website; Map; Google earth view.


6/24/06 update: our previously reserved rooms have now been made available to the general public.  However, some establishments do still have one or two rooms available.  Please call directly and the proprietors will let you know their availability.

We'd be delighted if you stayed with us in Olema.  We have reserved three small inns / bed & breakfasts within walking distance (~ 1/2 mile) of the Olema Inn.  There are many more less than ten minutes away by car (see link below).  Your next step is to 1) choose one you like, and 2) call or email the proprietors and reserve or transfer a room into your name.  If not transferred into a guest's name, our pre-reserved rooms will be released 45 days prior our wedding date to the general public - around May 20th.  Act now to find one that suits your needs, and transfer it to your name and credit card.

Internet reservation systems for the first three sites below will likely show "all rooms booked" for our wedding weekend.  When you call or email them directly, however, just let the proprietors know you are with the Laurence/Hyde wedding.  They'll be happy to help.

Once you know if you can join us, please do act quickly to solidify your arrangements.  July is part of "high season" on the Pt. Reyes peninsula.  Remember that any rooms left un-transferred 45 days prior will be released to the general public.

All rooms are held with the following establishments, and are within 1/2 mile of The Olema Inn:

  • Roundstone Farm B&B five guest rooms, each with fireplace (as of June 1, three rooms still avail - will be released to non-wedding guests on June 5)
  • Olema Cottages separate cottages, good location for families with kids (two rooms available, all cottages taken)
  • Bear Valley Inn good value, great service (full)

The following are not pre-reserved, but are nice options (move quickly on these!):

Travel Guide Miscellany

Wondering about the weather in July on the Pt. Reyes peninsula?  In a word, pleasant.

On 8th July, it could be bright sunshine in the low 80s F (the average daily temperature is 84F / 29C), or it could be overcast/foggy in the upper 60s F.  The current forecast is for sunny weather. There's virtually no chance of rain, snow, hurricanes or tornadoes, but there is a 30% chance of fog.  It gets cool in the evening (unless you're a vigorous dancer), so bring a sweater.

If you have extra time to spend in the area, here are some things to do:

Gift registry

For information about where we've registered for gifts, see the meta-registry.

Bridal shower

We've decided not to have a bridal shower.

Contact info

Julian and Pamela
address: 5557 Lawton Ave
Oakland, CA 94618
home: (510) 655-8514
website: Pamela & Julian's wedding

mobile: (415) 336-3873

mobile: (415) 987-7016
work: (510) 500-1615

Michelle Sharkey (who will be coordinating from Thu 10am onwards)
mobile: (650) 208-3686

The Olema Inn
address: 10,000 Sir Francis Drake Blvd.
P.O. Box 37
Olema, CA 94950
phone: (415) 663-9559
website: The Olema Inn

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